time spent wasting is not wasted time (; This is my new tumblr blog to record my progress on my journey to skinny. I'm not in search of pity, just inspiration. It's about time I knuckle down and finally make this happen. This time I'm not giving up. Who's with me? :D
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I won’t be using this tumblr anymore

leave a message in my ask for more info and I will get back to you asap.
To anons that have messaged me I’m not replying to anons from now on

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1554) I miss the feeling of my bones. Against my skin. Against anything I leaned against, sat against. I miss my chest hurting and my heart rate being slow. I miss having my clothes fall down constantly. Always needing new ones. I miss not wanting to eat. I miss having control. I miss not wanting to jump off a bridge every time I look in the mirror. Crying when I have to get dressed and nothing fits right. It is incredibly wrong. But I don’t care. It hurts.

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"I want to be so incredibly little that no matter what I wear, how I move, how I sit or when I bend, there is nothing bulging, nothing hanging, nothing moving and nothing there."
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092010; nobody knows

nobody sees how i stare at other girls’ legs. how i eye their gap and look at how thick their thighs are. i’ll see girls that are half the size of mine, i’ll see girls with perfect legs, perfect bodies, a small waist. nobody sees how when i think of them, i feel like a failure. nobody knows that i think about how they got there, whether or not they starved themselves or not. nobody knows.

then i think, that could be me.

if i tried.

can i try now?

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this reminds me of the dolce and gabbana light blue pour homme campaign.


this reminds me of the dolce and gabbana light blue pour homme campaign.

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